About Us

Distribution Ben-Mar 90 Inc is one of the leading Importers and Distributers in the Quebec region. We supply over 800 customers across the island of Montreal and surroundings. Our customers vary from supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, convenience and specialty stores. We offer over 3000 products from non-perishable foods, dairy products, household products, to health and beauty products. The brands we distribute are household names which have been in business for long time such as Mazola oils, Hellmann's, Tropicana, Lactantia, Mr. Clean, Tide, Dove, and Colgate amongst many others. Along with our national brands, we also import pasta, olive oil, Olives along with other products packaged under our own private label Portugalia, Paone and Magic Farms. Along with our product lines we offer in store use products such as supplies for Deli and Butcher departments.

DBM 90 also owns Nuamge Québec; In a joint Venture with Numage Trading Inc based and operated in Toronto, Ontario. Together we import non-perishable products from Italy. Numage Québec imports Coffee, Biscuits, Pasta, Olive Oils and Snacks. Our Brands names include Misura, Colussi, Balconi, Paese Mio, Tre Marie and Pernigotti.

We operate from our 60,000 square feet Distribution Center located in the east end of Montreal. Our logistic comprise of refrigerated trucks from double axle to tractor & trailer, which allows us to serve our clients with dependability and service that our customers require.

Distribution Ben Mar 90 is a family operated company along with a staff treated as family. Our operation is very advanced in terms of technology, but we still believe in the old traditions that brought us to who we are today. We believe in technology that brings our clients savings and service without compromising our traditions. Our tradition is service, starting with our representatives that visit our customers as needed. All our salespersons are equipped with wireless technology that allows them to have up to the minute prices and inventory status and send orders to our automated office which in return gives us the opportunity to deliver the order within a 24hr period.