Les Emballeges D'Aliments Latina was founded in 1988 by Benito Pampena and Arturo Saltarelli. Together their plan was to package frozen foods along with a distribution of non perishable and household products in a 14,000 square foot warehouse. Shortly after the company was formed the idea of packaging frozen foods ran into some difficulties concerning the packaging machines which were imported from Italy. Operating with their distribution company (which was founded by Benito Pampena under the Name Distribution F&B, which became Les Aliments Latina when Arturo became co-owner) they purchased their competitor Ben-Mar Paper Products in July of 1990. After the purchase they chose to operate under the present name Distribution Ben-Mar 90.

In 1992 business was going so well they needed a bigger distribution center and moved to Riviere des Prairies in the east end of Montreal, Building a 30,000 square feet warehouse with office space. With their expansion it also allowed them to expand their product list and inventory. In the year 2000 they needed another expansion to accommodate the demand. They built another 30,000 square feet warehouse adjacent to the existing one and Ben-Mar was know operating with a 60,000 square foot Distribution canter with indoor receiving and shipping docks.

In the foreseeable future Ben Mar is equipped to handle another expansion if needed with their purchase of close to 100,000 square feet vacant land beside the present Distribution center.